Thank you a lot Barbora Chuecos (Bara is excellent CEO of Mary Kay for Czech Republic) for your love of our Talabaya.

I posted your words in public.

"I love to watch when day blends into night. When seasons change. When a child matures and becomes adult. When cultures mix together. That is why I fell in love with the Talabaya brand immediately. When I wear their clothes I find myself as if transported to different time and space. I feel feminine and majestic, beautiful and unique. And I experience this peculiar paradox when I feel modern yet from a different time.
My trip to magical Oman brought my experience with the brand to a whole other level. I felt connected to both women there and women here. Although coming from very different culture and background, each of us women is so beautiful and unique.
Talabaya soothes my feminine side and lifts my spirits.
Vivat Talabaya!"




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