Talabaya web presentation


Finally I have a new website. Thank you Karel Janu sooooo much. :)))) Huraaaaa. There you can see photos from Lukas Dvorak and video from Marek Jarkovsky. I am so happy. :*** And thanx for great jewellery from Jana Rollova.


Talabaya represents a marriage of the European and Middle Eastern fashion.






The name combines part of Mirka’s surname with “abaya”, a luxurious but modest fashion garment that has recently charmed the fashion industry globally.

Talabaya collections combine sleek elegance and luxury materials with due attention to details.

Mirka‘s motto is to create a unique piece of clothing that allows its owner to combine it with her own wardrobe and various accessories - shoes, handbags, ribbons and jewelry.

Talabaya’s goal is to give a woman the freedom to be creative and to highlight her personality.

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