Did you know that Talabaya Design creator, Mirka Talavaskova was first inspired to combine Arab elegance with European details and create the iconic brand after her friend moved to Saudi Arabia?

We didn't either!

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Our day started at 5am. We set up the store and waited for the traffic, which gets busier in the evening when the weather gets cooler. Many people heard our story and came to see us.

Expressing and being yourself, luxury materials, European details and high quality finishing are the essence of this label.


Preparations for the launch of the first Talabaya collection in Dubai at the Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lane next week.

It is Modest revolution.

For more informations - visit talabayadesign.com


Úžasná módní návrhářka Mirka Talavaskova se zrovna chystá se svojí jedinečnou kolekcí Talabaya do Dubaje. Vyzkoušet si tyhle modely bylo jak vstoupit do jiného časoprostoru... Mirko, držím moc palce ❤️
(“TALABAYA represents a marriage of the European and Middle Eastern fashion.”)

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