Thank you a lot Barbora Chuecos (Bara is excellent CEO of Mary Kay for Czech Republic) for your love of our Talabaya.

I posted your words in public.

"I love to watch when day blends into night. When seasons change. When a child matures and becomes adult. When cultures mix together. That is why I fell in love with the Talabaya brand immediately. When I wear their clothes I find myself as if transported to different time and space. I feel feminine and majestic, beautiful and unique. And I experience this peculiar paradox when I feel modern yet from a different time.
My trip to...

Wearing Talabaya Design by beautiful Mirka Talavaskova.


We in TALABAYA are happy that very soon we will be shipping our first order to the first client in Dubai.

We very much appreciate it.

Many thanks to the team from the Islamic Fashion and Design Council and Alia Khan for this opportunity presented at such a great event, the Pret-A-Cover Buyers Lane in Dubai.


This is a wrap at the Pret-a-Cover Buyers Lane in Dubai for us. Many thanks to the IFDO_org team for all their efforts. Share your TalabayaStory with us.


Talabayu samozřejme lze pořídit v Praze. Nemusite kvůli tomu letět hned do Dubaje. :)))

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Do you want to be the first one to wear Talabaya? Take a break and visit beyouboutique in Dubai, where you can now shop from the entire first Talabaya collection; soak in the atmosphere of this amazing place while shipping their exceptional coffee!

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